Our Charter

Tether Black DAO (TBD) is not affiliated in any official way with Tether Operations Limited (TOL).

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Tax-free Inflation Payouts (TIPs)

This is an initiative to help counter global inflation costs. Interest is streamed into the TBD Treasury from the Tether (USDT) collateral being managed by our team of Governors. Automatic payouts occur three times (at 00:00, 8:00, and 16:00 UTC) daily for all wallets that meet the Minimum Payout Threshold (MPT).

NOTE: Payouts will ONLY be sent to addresses where the minimum satoshi thresholds are met.

Payout Calculations

Approx. 150 bytes per "token" UTXO (input by Consumer).

@ mNEXA/USD $1.00 ~ US$0.0000015
@ mNEXA/USD $10.00 ~ US$0.000015
@ mNEXA/USD $100.00 ~ US$0.00015
@ mNEXA/USD $1,000.00 ~ US$0.0015
@ mNEXA/USD $10,000.00 ~ US$0.015

Approx. 75 bytes per "token" UTXO (output from Treasury).

@ mNEXA/USD $1.00 ~ US$0.00000075 (actual) US$0.00000225
@ mNEXA/USD $10.00 ~ US$0.0000075 (actual) US$0.0000225
@ mNEXA/USD $100.00 ~ US$0.000075 (actual) US$0.000225
@ mNEXA/USD $1,000.00 ~ US$0.00075 (actual) US$0.00225
@ mNEXA/USD $10,000.00 ~ US$0.0075 (actual) US$0.0225
* actual minimum send is 3x the cost to send (and 1.5x the cost for Consumer) ** payouts begin after 24 hours and last for up to 30 days


All voting is managed by the DAO portal and is available to ALL $BLACK HODLers.

DeFi Syndicate

12 branches will independently operate & manage the TBD Treasury.

$BLACK Card HODLers will be allowed to vote for each branch twice a year (every 6 months). 2 branches will be up for vote each month.

Each team will receive 1% of $BLACK mining rewards (for a total of 12% to management teams).

Regional Branches Each branch has the prime directive to exclusively represent the financial interests of their respective geographic region.

  1. Atlanta (USA)
  2. Hong Kong (China)
  3. Dubai (UAE)
  4. Singapore
  5. London (UK)
  6. Seoul (South Korea)
  7. Kampala (Uganda)
  8. Moscow (Russia)
  9. São Paulo (Brazil)
  10. New Delhi (India)
  11. Panama City
  12. Zug (Switzerland)

Flash Mob Sales

Participating merchants will provide an Extended Public Key (xPub) to monitor sales.

Retail shoppers will be rewarded for their participation.


Do your own research.

Not financial advice.